National Bible College Association


Welcome to the National Bible College Association. The National Bible College Association provides reasonable and affordable accreditation for your Bible College or Theological Seminary. We are a membership-based association.

All our members are required to accept the credits, diplomas and degrees issued by all other member schools. This means that a student who earns their Bachelor’s degree from your school and transfers to another member school is recognized as having completed the requirements for a Bachelor’s degree. Therefore, the student will not be required to take additional courses in order to obtain their Bachelor’s degree from the school they are transferring to.

The National Bible College Association encourages all who operate a private, Christian, Bible College or Theological Seminary to become members of NBCA. There is strength in numbers, and we seek to honor God our Father in all we do.

NBCA 2024 Conference

We invite all member schools to attend our upcoming NBCA 2024 Conference. 

Date: Wednesday, August 21
Time: 10am – 4pm (EDT)
Registration: $25 per Educator